Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Defending Others

Defending Others

Trotting around, two deer played peacefully and happily in a vast jungle filled with trees, bushes, rivers and vines.

Their names were Tom and Jerry. The two creatures had a BROWN spotted body and one of them grew horns but the other one didn’t. Tom had two enormous horns and Jerry was still a fawn.  They spent a lot of time rejoicing in their own area and everything seemed fine but a few moments later, a starving lion, called Ripjaw, who was seeking his lunch, spotted the youngest deer. Ripjaw’s teeth were as sharp as  and his fuzzy mane was like a giant pom pom.

The fierce creature crawled  s l o w l y  around his prey while he thought of an evil plan. “When the tough deer isn’t looking, I will grab the young deer with my sharp claws.” He thought. So when Tom was staring at a rainbow butterfly who was passing by, the lion saw his chance to snatch the delicious deer.

The lion pounced up in the air and landed in front of Jerry. Jerry was so frightened that he let out a loud!, screeching cry and then almost immediately, Tom stopped looking at the butterfly and came charging towards the lion.

The lion was about to attack the young deer with his polished claws but the tough deer darted in front of Jerry and started pushing  Ripjaw towards a river filled with sleeping crocodiles. The fierce beast was chucked in the stream and was never heard of  again. All that was heard was the sound of the crocodiles goingSNAP!and BURP!

“Thank you.” said Jerry. Everybody knows that older people should protect younger people. Think about your parents. They also treat you with kindness. So why not treat others with kindness too?

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