Sunday, 25 March 2018

Describing The Waves 26.03.18

Describing The Waves

Arrived at last! I hopped out of the bus and the first thing I saw
were the crashing waves. They looked like blobs of waves
splashing towards the ground. One wave turned into two
waves three waves turned into four and then a few minutes
later there were a whole army of them. Some of the waves
perished when they reach the shore. Next something caught
the tip of my eye. There was a little bumpy surface of water and
then it merged into a micro tsunami (two and a half metres tall.).
When the ¨colossal¨ wave landed it was like a meteor screaming
towards earth and clobbering itself to the ground.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

15.03.18 Describe A Festival Or Holiday

Chinese New Year

Image result for chinese new year with fireworks

The lanterns glowed with orange like the sun burning to the ground. The dining table was blanketed with food and drinks. Guess what's happening? Chinese New Year!

This year Chinese New Year started on 2018 the 6th of February and today is the Year Of The Dog and last year was the Year Of The Rooster and next year is the Year Of The Pig. There are a total of 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac, starting from the Rat all the the way to the Pig.

Chinese people celebrate Chinese New Year because it represents good luck. Our relatives can come in the house with red envelopes filled with money and small mandarins to put on the children's desks. The children are only allowed to open their presents after dinner.

Speaking of dinner you get to eat LOADS, and when I say loads, I mean TRUCKLOADS. There's fish, duck or chicken, noodles, rice, vegetables , soup, pork buns and dumplings. For dessert (My personal favourite,) there are rice cakes,  fruits, sweet buns and for drinks there are sparkling water, rice wine, wine and juice.

After the delicious meal you get to pull out the fireworks or firecrackers from your garage and set them on fire! SHOOM! The torpedo launched up in the air like a NASA rocket and exploded in the sky if it were a gajillion stars. This was like a sphere of rainbows blowing up. Then for the part you have been waiting for… You get to open the red envelopes and take out some money! After you emptied all the money you can watch the lion dance and most importantly spend lots of time with your family!

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

My Alien Stop-motion

My Alien Stop motion video

This video is one of the favourite ones that I made. It was created by my brother Anthony and me at Wellington in a holiday programme called Space Place. This video shows about how much I like doing art and making stop-motion videos. This stop motion video took half-an-hour to make but it was totally worth it.

The aliens were easy to make. We made the aliens out of play-doh and shaped them into cubes and spheres. The green aliens are peaceful while the red ones are harmful and hostile. The king of all red aliens was easy to make as well. I didn’t want to make arms for the red aliens because if I did it might look weird. Building the UFO was tricky. I suggest making it 3D but Anthony said it was too hard and wants to make it 2D. Now we had a HUGE argument about making the UFO 3D or 2D. But eventually I gave up and went with his idea. I was so tired after that argument and then guess what? He said: “Can I PLEASE make the UFO out of paper?” Oh no. Now we had ANOTHER argument but he went with my idea for a change.

The iPad accidentally took some pictures of fingers (Anthony’s obviously) which kind of ruined the video. If the red aliens are harmful what weapons should they have? Guns? Swords? Axes? I asked Anthony who is taking the pictures and he chose Swords like the sword idea as well. I made two swords and stuck them on the red aliens with toothpicks. When we finished our stop-motion video. Me and Anthony exported it to the teacher and when she watched it, we got “Top of the class!” After that, the teacher gathered everyone around and we got to watch the other kids videos.

I love making stop-motion videos and I kind of also have and interest of space. I also not only like making sculptures out of clay and play-do. I also like painting, sketching and drawing as well.

Check out the vid ---> Attack Of The Aliens

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The Rat Taser 2000

Mr Bainbridge tasked us to create a google drawing about our own rat traps we made

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

WANTED- Stoats

Mr Bainbridge tasked us to create a wanted poster about a New Zealand pest on google drawings

Monday, 11 December 2017


Mr Bainbridge tasked us to create a google slide about rats