Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Going To School In Taiwan

Mr. B tasked us to sequence events about how children go to school in Taiwan.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Defending Others

Defending Others

Trotting around, two deer played peacefully and happily in a vast jungle filled with trees, bushes, rivers and vines.

Their names were Tom and Jerry. The two creatures had a BROWN spotted body and one of them grew horns but the other one didn’t. Tom had two enormous horns and Jerry was still a fawn.  They spent a lot of time rejoicing in their own area and everything seemed fine but a few moments later, a starving lion, called Ripjaw, who was seeking his lunch, spotted the youngest deer. Ripjaw’s teeth were as sharp as  and his fuzzy mane was like a giant pom pom.

The fierce creature crawled  s l o w l y  around his prey while he thought of an evil plan. “When the tough deer isn’t looking, I will grab the young deer with my sharp claws.” He thought. So when Tom was staring at a rainbow butterfly who was passing by, the lion saw his chance to snatch the delicious deer.

The lion pounced up in the air and landed in front of Jerry. Jerry was so frightened that he let out a loud!, screeching cry and then almost immediately, Tom stopped looking at the butterfly and came charging towards the lion.

The lion was about to attack the young deer with his polished claws but the tough deer darted in front of Jerry and started pushing  Ripjaw towards a river filled with sleeping crocodiles. The fierce beast was chucked in the stream and was never heard of  again. All that was heard was the sound of the crocodiles goingSNAP!and BURP!

“Thank you.” said Jerry. Everybody knows that older people should protect younger people. Think about your parents. They also treat you with kindness. So why not treat others with kindness too?

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Hansel and Gretel

Hansel & Gretel

Once upon a time… There were two children named Hansel & Gretel.

They were sent out to the dark spooky woods by their wicked stepmother. The tall trees were black and the roots covered every single path through the woods. Hansel & Gretel strolled along the path. The two children wore brown tops with sleeves covered in dark patches, their eyes were as dark as the midnight sky and Gretel’s hair was the colour of a dead oak tree. Hansel told Gretel of an idea. “I still have a short loaf of bread” said Hansel. “So maybe we should drop a crumb piece by piece so if we get lost, we can find our way home”.

Through the dark wood, wolves were howling at the full moon and owls were hooting at their next delicious meal. The two children shivered with fear so they turned around to follow the breadcrumbs. But when they turned around the greedy little birds were munching on the crumbs like a tasty snack.

Hansel & Gretel were so scared of being dinner for the wild wolves they ran as fast as they could. After a while they reached a clearing and they both saw a strange candy house.

As hungry as a greyhound, the greedy little Hansel & Gretel  darted to the candy house and started eating it furiously. Bits of candy were flying and was touching the grey clouds. A few minutes later, an old lady came out of the house and invited them in. But the old lady was not nice at all.

She locked Hansel up in a steel cage and Gretel was made to be a slave. The old lady placed the keys for the cage carefully on top of a shelf and started the fire in the oven. Gretel didn’t want to see any harm to her brother so when the old lady bent down and placed the lit match in the oven, Gretel shoved her in the fire. Gretel got the keys and unlocked the lock from the cage and they both ran to find their dad leaving footprints behind them.

The next day, a mailman was delivering mail to the inhabitants of the forest. When he went knocking on the door in front of the candy house it was locked so he searched the delicious house and found an open window. He writhed in the house and as quiet as a mouse, he looked around the house and when he walked in the kitchen, he got the surprise of his life. The mailman dialed 111 and the cops arrived almost immediately.

Every officer had a full charged taser ready to zap and their iron handcuffs were dangling from their belts. The detective was sent in the house and found conclusive evidence. There were footprints on the front door mat. The police followed the trail of footprints and were led to a stone cottage.

The cops charged through the doors and windows. Blades of glass were soaring up to the ceiling and shreds of wood were flying. The SWAT team grabbed the two children and drove off to the court.

Court judge Rumplestiltskin wore a pitch black robe and was standing in front of a microphone. Hansel & Gretel were flagged by two muscular armed officers.  “Take these two children where they will spend the next 20 years! Let that be a lesson for you, violence should never be used to solve your problems”.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Paddock To Places

We read a book about mushrooms so the Avengers created a graphic sequence about from "Paddock to plates"